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Whether you’re looking to overhaul your lifestyle or stay active, the team at Spring Fitness offers a fitness center to help you make wellness a priority. Choosing to get back into or stay in shape is an incredibly important decision on the road to better health. Our fitness center  could play a role in that success, which is why we created Spring Fitness to offer you so many great services.

Do you want a place to pursue your health and fitness goals at your own pace? Visit one of our amazing locations today or connect with our fitness center online.

Spring Fitness

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Spring Fitness offers several amazing packages for young and old, and everyone is welcome here.

We want everyone to feel comfortable enough at Spring Fitness to pursue their personal goals; it is why we offer a variety of discounts, including veteran and first responder benefits. Our centers also offer savings on therapeutic massages and multi-family packages so that you can work out, relax, and bring the whole family along with you.
Spring Fitness hosts two locations in Texas, and our community continues to grow in Magnolia, and Montgomery, TX. Why not visit your nearest branch and see what we can do for your fitness journey?

Top-notch Services!

What else do our Spring Fitness locations offer to the local community? We are far more than just a fitness center concept.


We offer only the best group sessions at our fitness centers, whether you want to try something new or feel more comfortable in a more social workout environment. If you have never tried a class, it is well worth attending a session or two to experience the hype for yourself. No matter your fitness level, our trainers will have something for you to enjoy.


If group sessions are not your cup of tea, consider a one-on-one session with our talented trainers. Group sessions range from low-impact activities to high-intensity sessions, but a personal trainer provides the individualized attention you need to optimize your routines. Let us partner with you to achieve your fitness goals and keep you motivated.

Locker Rooms
With Showers

We understand how important it is to have safe storage for gear before and after your workout. Not everyone likes to shower at the gym, but Spring Fitness takes pride in providing private, clean, and warm showers for our members year-round.


Are you wondering how to find a babysitter or daycare on your way to the gym? Relax; our in-house childcare services provide complete peace of mind. Parents can focus on fitness goals while their children have fun in a safe, happy place.


If there is a better way to relax after a vigorous workout than a luxurious massage, it is beyond our knowledge. Spring Fitness offers therapeutic massages, body scrubs, aromatherapy treatments, and more at our in-house Healing Key Spa.


Why Choose Us?

Spring Fitness is the perfect place to pursue your gym fitness goals and claim back your active lifestyle. Our people are the main attraction, and our services aren’t bad, either. We care about providing an amazing full-service fitness center experience for our fellow Texans, and we hope to become a really valuable part of your daily life.

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