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We’re glad that you are curious about what’s on offer at Spring Fitness. Please take a moment to learn about our philosophy, services, and gyms below.

Spring Fitness is here to serve, including a gym fit for all types of people, all ages, and all body types. Our professionals work hard to provide a respectful and supportive environment where you can exercise and aim for your goals without feeling self-conscious. There’s a place for everyone at Spring Fitness.

Spring Fitness started as a way to bring health and physical fitness to families and members of our community. The concept worked so well that we have since expanded our services to Montgomery and Magnolia. It gives us even more opportunities to bring out the best in our members through one-on-one personal training and group workout sessions.

Through physical fitness education and training for members of all ages, Spring Fitness hopes to improve the quality of life for the communities we serve. Stress, isolation, and loss after the pandemic does not need to become the norm here, and Spring Fitness commits to bringing communities back together. We all need to regain our health and confidence, so why not join us for a personal workout session, group workout, or relaxing massage?

As part of our dedication to the regions we serve, our fitness professionals also support veterans through discount memberships. It is a small way to show our thanks, and we are pleased to share this vital gym experience with those who have done so much in the line of duty.

At Spring Fitness, we offer a first-rate exercise experience and more:
Enjoy the benefits of low-impact exercise with cycling. We use state-of-the-art cycling equipment that helps you track cardiovascular activity throughout your workout.

Are you coming to the gym with younger family members? We offer childcare services so that you can focus on your workout with peace of mind.

Do you need a recharge after a long workday or intense workout? We help you unwind with therapeutic massage options.

Don’t miss out on the perks at Spring Fitness—become a member and feel great all year round.

The team at Spring Fitness strives to offer the most effective workouts to members of all levels, from experienced bodybuilders to beginners. If you want to explore your options for physical fitness, we are ready to help. However, we are also happy to stand back if you would prefer to follow your own training regimen in a private headspace.

We believe that physical fitness should be part of our lives at every stage, so it is not surprising that Spring Fitness welcomes both seniors and teens to make use of our equipment. If you need us to tailor our workout advice to your physical condition and personal goals, let us know.

Would you like to know more about Spring Fitness and our various facilities? Call us, or stop by any of our three locations to chat with us about your health and fitness goals. You can also schedule a therapeutic massage or discuss pricing and Spring Fitness perks when you bring your friends or family.



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