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What can you do to make your trips to the gym more enjoyable? Well, stopping by the Spring Fitness in-house therapeutic massage spa seems like a great place to start. Our Magnolia location offers the Healing Key Spa, with a variety of therapeutic techniques that can reduce pain, improve range of motion, assist in post-workout recovery, and reduce stress.

The Spring Fitness team fully understands why Swedish massages are a popular choice to relieve tension. This type of massage also improves circulation after you exercise, the ideal way to deal with mild soreness, aches and pains, inflexible muscles and joints, and general stress. Since Swedish massages utilize massage oils and lotions, they also have the side benefit of rejuvenating dry, stressed skin.

Has your recent strength training or weight loss left stretch marks? Schedule a regular Swedish therapeutic massage session with us to aid your skin’s recovery.

If you frequently leave the gym with muscle pain and immobility, a myofascial release session should be an effective treatment option for you. During your session, our therapeutic massage therapist uses highly effective massage techniques to loosen and release your stiff, tired muscles in various areas of the body. A myofascial release targets both chronic pain and areas of limited motion to reduce tension and tightness in joints and muscles.

The Spring Fitness trigger point therapy is similar to myofascial release therapy. During your trigger point massage therapy session, your therapist will target tense or immobile areas of the body. Trigger point therapy may also include acupuncture therapy techniques designed to improve blood flow to these affected areas. 

Some members are averse to using needles, but trigger point therapy is highly effective and well worth consideration. This gentle massage therapy also promotes fast healing and reduces pain.

If you prefer intense massages, sports massages combine tougher therapeutic massage techniques with active stretching to relieve and prevent muscle soreness. While sports massages work wonders after an intense day at the gym, they also keep injuries at bay. A sports massage is equally as effective before or after an intense gym session at Spring Fitness.

Another advantage of the sports massages here is the way these sessions increase blood flow. It boosts recovery times after injuries and workouts, which is why these massages appear to make follow-up exercises more effective.


Deep Tissue

If you are an athlete or regular gym-goer, you probably already understand how much a hard day of exercise can be on the body. Deep tissue massages are some of the most effective massage therapies available, targeting hard-to-reach areas of the body like misaligned joints, knots, past injuries, and more. It is especially effective for alleviating areas of persistent or recurring pain.

While deep tissue massages and other options may feel sore after or before a gym workout at Spring Fitness, your body will certainly appreciate the forced relaxation and manipulation of muscles and tissues. Do your body a favor and contact Healing Key Spa at (936) 701-6047 to book your next therapeutic massage session.

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