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How is your fitness journey going? If you have goals that involve strength training or weight loss, it can be tough to gain momentum as you dive into a new gym environment. Don’t worry; Spring Fitness offers an impressive array of group classes to keep all our members inspired and moving forward, whether they are at the beginning of their journey or almost at their peak.

Bootcamp is an excellent group session for those who aren’t sure about fitness techniques or what styles they prefer. Spring Fitness offers this high-energy set of activities to push you to the limits of what you think you can handle without complicated exercise equipment. These sessions rely on calisthenics—high-intensity interval training—and machine-free workouts, so there are plenty of opportunities to make friends here, too.


If you enjoy yoga but you’d like something with a bit more intensity, Pilates is one of our most popular group classes for strength training and stretching. Pilates exercises target core muscles, so you’ll always go home with a satisfied soreness after this surprisingly challenging low-impact workout. It is the anaerobic quality of the Pilates group classes that’s so effective for those who want to burn calories without straining bones, joints, or past injuries.

Strength and cardio training are excellent ways to build muscle and burn calories simultaneously. The high-energy group classes mostly target weight training and aerobic exercises, so it is a high-intensity session. A strength and cardio class will definitely send you home with tender muscles (in a good way), but you can always try one of the Spring Fitness massages afterward to round off a great workout.

If your workout always seems to bypass certain muscles, a total-body group session is an excellent way to cover these weak points. It is typically a total-body workout that uses small weights, mats, and sometimes other objects. This fast-paced session will transition between all of your muscle groups, so it’s great for beginners who may not have enough strength built up to target one area for an entire session.

If your busy schedule limits the time you have to spend at Spring Fitness, total body group classes are an ideal workout to ensure you exercise each area effectively.

Do you love to dance? Zumba is an incredibly popular dance exercise regimen for attendees of all fitness levels. The Spring Fitness Zumba routines pair perfectly with water fitness sessions for an exceptionally low-impact and fun workout.

All you need to enjoy the Zumba group classes is the confidence to move. If you are comfortable with a bit of dancing, you will have a great time. Since most Zumba classes cover many muscle groups, the time you spend in motion is a great way to achieve a full-body exercise without far less intensity.


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Most of our members thrive within the various group classes on offer at Spring Fitness. These fun and varied sessions offer a lot of advantages, including even more motivation to achieve your personal fitness goals. Gym friends help you find your groove, and it is exciting to look forward to your Spring Fitness instructor and peers waiting for you at the next class—don’t miss it!

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